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AT Surgical specializes in manufacturing many hard to find top-quality medical braces and orthopedic medical supports, all of which are manufactured with careful attention for maximum comfort and support.

Products offered include knee braces, back braces, arm slings, abdominal binders, various athletic supports, ankle and leg braces and more.

And many of AT Surgical’s products are Medicare-approved, and certified by the FDA. By manufacturing the majority of our products on-site, in the U.S.A., we’re able to keep our prices extremely competitive

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Clearance Sale

REUSABLE UNDERPAD Waterproof Mattress LinerWaterproof Mattress Pad Liner

Made in the USA

Reusable Underpads

RETAIL: $15.50

SALE PRICE: $4.50*

(*MODEL #732 ONLY)



  • Absorbant Underpad
  • Moisture Wick Material
  • Soft Quilted Quality Fabric
  • Heavy-Duty Soaker
  • UniShield Barrier
  • Mattress Protection
  • Flat and Tuck-In Wrap Styles
  • Choose from Many Sizes
  • Machine Washable



Without Handles

  • #730 - 24" x 34" in. - Small
  • #732 - 29" x 34" in. - Med
  • #736 - 29" x 36" in. - Large

With Handles

  • #733 - 29" x 34" in. - Med


Reusable Underpad Liners

Smarter Solutions to Incontinence

Speed up cleaning time with the convenient Reusable Underpad waterproof mattress liner, an easy to use, moisture wicking overlay for ultimate mattress protection.


  1. Soft - Wick Away Material removes excess moisture from surface
  2. Heavy - Duty Soaker absorbs up to 2x its weight
  3. Unishield Fablon Barrier is 100% waterproof & will never crack
And Guess What? THEY'RE ON SALE!

We offer both tuck and no tuck styles in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

One of our most popular incontinence products, the Reusable Underpad Waterproof Mattress Liner is so reliable, you can depend on it. Forget about noisy and uncomfortable plastic bed sheets! Stop incontinence from interrupting your sleep cycle.

AT Surgical's enviornmentally friendly Reusable Underpad is made for durability with a special 3-ply fabric construction. The top outer layer is created with soft wick material for whisking away moisture and assures maximum comfort. The 2nd layer is a heavy-duty soaker with the ability to double it's weight in absorbency. It's crafted from a heavy-duty felt material specifically designed for absorbing body fluids. The bottom layer is made from a special Fablon barrier we call Unishield - it is 100% waterproof and will never crack even after 200 washings.

Simply lay one of AT Surgical's Reusable Underpad Waterproof Mattress Liners on top of the sheets and remove when necessary. It's also a great alternative to frequent laundry loads and is less wasteful than disposable incontinence products. You can even layer up the Reusable Underpad for additional protection. Furthermore, the soft, 3-ply, quilted fabric works much like an egg crate and add a soft layer to firm mattresses.

For adults seeking solutions to frequent incontinence problems due to weak or overactive bladders, stop stressful sleepless nights fighting your overactive bladder urges. Sleep better knowing you won't have to get up several times through-out the night to change the sheets. No matter what stage of life you're in, our Reusable Underpad mattress protector offers the relief and peace of mind you need.

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